2019 Roster Update

We kick off 2019 with updates to our roster. New and old, Live and Dj.

On the dj side we are honored to have Eva Be (LoYoTo / Poker Flat), Hardrock Striker (The man behind Skylax Records), Berlin veteran John Osborn (DRED), Compost Records master Shahrokh Dini and Frankfurt Jazz master Matthias Vogt (Polytone/Blossom Kollektiv/DRED). On the live side we have Jepe’s new project Battera with Takumi Motokawa (now out on Connaisseur Recordings) and H4L, the new live project from Christian Vance out now on Astray Records via K7.

Contact elie@mensch-booking.com for details or visit out FB page for daily news, links and updates.


Welcome to Mensch Booking

Mensch is a Berlin based international booking agency managing all aspects of artist care worldwide. Our new roster includes some of the most exciting fresh talents in the underground House and Techno scene, hand picked for Mensch from NYC to Tel-Aviv, Melbourne to Venice Italy and everywhere in between.

At the head of the company sits veteran booker and promoter Elie Eidelman. Stay tuned for more artist joining in the near future, artist news, monthly podcast and events around the globe.

For all booking request write elie@mensch-booking.com or visit our FB page.

Mensch Mix 003 Ena Cosovic

To kick off 2017 we asked Culture Box resident and the person behind the new Copenhagen based label ‘True Rotary’ (together with Jor-El) to share some of her recent favorites with Mensch. From deep hypnotic house to dance floor techno killers, Ena’s smooth style creates the perfect mood. Tracks include Amir Alexander, Roberto Clementi, Gerd, The Analog Roland Orchestra and Ena herself.


01: Untitled B1 – Willow (Workshop)
02: Lost in Progress – Simonn (Night Tide)03: Close to Me (Amir Alexander’s Body-to-Body, Deep Dark Excursion) – Beesmunt Soundsystem (Just Jack)
04: Supreme Blue – Eduardo De La Calle (Forbidden Colours)
05: Visitors – Gerd (Royal Oak)

06: White Diggers – Roberto Clementi (Forthcomming, True Rotary Recordings)
07: E. Honda – Liit (LACKREC.)
08: Untitled (Marco Shuttle Solar Reshape) – Taylor Deupree (Valence)
09: Plant – The Analog Roland Orchestra (Black Crow Records)
10: Mother (Ena Cosovic Remix) – Alice Bass (Forthcomming, Svedjebruk)
11: Jor-El – Seven Years (True Rotary Recordings)
12: Philip Sherburne, your word should be worth more than the ignorance of Pitchfork (Alternate Mix) – DJ Sotofett (SO-PHAT)
13: Kudato feat. Anton Kubikov – Yura Moorush (Trapez)